How to Train Your Dragon 2

21 06 2014

I have just watched this movie and IT WAS AMAZING! This is one of those movies that you’ll never get tired of watching. It gives off sparkly rainbows, and unicorns happiness. I think I need to watch this before every site coordination meeting. I want to have a dragon, too!

The animation is so pretty/fluid. It’s not as detailed as Captain Harlock, but still great. The dragons are just so adorable. The plot/story of the sequels usually aren’t as good as the original, but this was equally amazing as the first!

And this is my favorite part of the movie:

I want to do that, too! Can I borrow toothless?😀

‘Overview Effect’

18 06 2014

OVERVIEW from Planetary Collective on Vimeo.

“…the earth …. is a spaceship – spaceship earth.”

I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut.. =]

Back! …sort of.

11 05 2014

I have been away for more than 2 months without posting anything to any of the blogs.😐 Oops. This may be a cliché excuse, but it’s what really happening: There is a new development in the firm, where all the projects needed my undivided attention. And that, I need to learn how to say “let me think about it for a minute” or “no” to a new work load. I have hardly even looked for my laptop everytime I get home from work. My social life mainly revolves around officemates, that I actually miss some developments even the ones from home lately. O_O Like something so simple as to having a new washing machine, to shobe being busy with her racket… which I didn’t know she even had one.

Initially, I wanted to wait till I get lighter work load before resuming on posting stuffs online. I don’t know when that will be though..😐 Which is why I’m back! Or at least trying to be back.

Anyway, I’m listing a few things I will be posting, so that I WILL be forced to post them.😀

– That spontaneous-ish Zambales trip last year
– That update on the Baler posts ( regarding the balete tree)
– maybe the family only HWT (Holy Week Trip) to Shanghai-Xian-Beijing.
– some handmade greeting cards that I did last year
…I have came to realize that I have a lot of backlogs from 2013. :]

Shall be back posting sooon!

PS. On the health side of the new year’s resolution, I’m doing boxing! (with officemates. Yeh… My social life revolves around them. =) I’m thankful that they are all fun!) I’m thinking of doing muay thai, but a friend recommended that I do muay thai once I got the hang of boxing.🙂

Books from 2013

1 03 2014

Books I have read since the last post: House of Silk (Anthony Horowitz), House of Hades (Rick Riordan), Shadows Edge (Brent Weeks), and Beyond the Shadows (Brent Weeks). Not a lot for a 2013:\ House of Silk is actually my first book for the new year. (Some spoilers ahead)

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11 02 2014

What I wanted to do for the passed few weeks. Sleeeep.


One of my top resolution for this year is a work-life balance. Ha! I’m still trying to fit in “Life”. Fail…. Maybe I will do that resolution next week. This week is booked.

I thought I would have a rest day just this Sunday. Instead I got stressful a phonecall. It got me really irritated, confused, and then… I lol-ed.

Let’s just say, someone made a mistake in soil boring a site. That lot’s owner told them to leave, since it wasn’t THE site. The gen-con was not answering calls. The foreman’s phone can’t be reached. The security guard had pointed them at a different site; hence, the mistake. -_-; I literally laughed out loud after the whole ordeal.

Anyway. Charging this to experience. Next time, insist that you will go with them when they are unsure of the location of the site. Even if you have sent them a zoomed out map and a zoomed in map. EVEN with markers on them. Even if the site is actually near major roads. Even if it’s on a weekend. Just to make sure this will not happen again.

Architecture & Civil Engineering Part 2

8 02 2014

A few years ago, I have posted an entry similar to this title, but only recently got several comments from actual CEs. It was never my intention to diss Civil Engineers or even belittle the profession. I was merely wondering why there is even an issue of signing the architectural plans. I only know what the architectural side is; I don’t know the CE’s side. Because again, all I know is architectural plans are architectural. Structural plans are structural. Same industry; different output.

I thought maybe most CE’s thought Architecture only do designing the façade. We might show it as such, but in truth, there are studies put into it. So I went on explaining our side, because it’s the profession I’m in and I know what we do behind the scenes. Maybe what I wrote came out wrong, because I mostly talked about the Architecture side. I know bits of engineering, but I am only vaguely familiar of what they do behind the scenes. This is because all I see are their output, the structural plans.

Anyway, from what I concluded, Engineers wanted recognition that they deserve of their works. This is mostly based on a comment about if the building is beautiful, the architects are praised; while if the building collapse, it’s the structural engineer’s fault. And, the commenter is mostly frustrated about architects he worked with not caring about the safety of a structure.

It may be mostly be our fault for designing structures that may look unsafe, but we do ask for the CE’s help if we can achieve such a design. We may have our own ideas of how to make it happen, but it’s the call of the engineers if it’s a go or no go. If it’s a no go, what are the options to make it seemingly close to the design intent? But, this does not mean that we totally do not consider the safety. We have just derived our design to look like that. And, so we turn to CE for answers. It’s a collaboration of work. For a building to stand, it needs architects AND engineers. It’s not an either/or thing. Besides, who wants to see their work collapse anyway? =)

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ONE OK ROCK KL Live 2013

1 02 2014

As I had mentioned a few months ago, I would like to go to KL for One Ok Rock’s concert. Yes, I was very serious. Yes, I did go another country just to watch a concert. At least I had free lodging over at K’s. He and a few other former office mates work there now.🙂 Besides the concert, it’ll be a mini reunion! I already miss them a lot.

red ticket
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