not so few UPDATES

22 08 2012

So…. a lot of things have happened during my one month of absence. o_o

The menu for today:
Entree – weather
Main Course – some politics and a side of board exams
Dessert – Vacay trip and a video

Fool me twice: A very wet August
This month was truly horrible for Luzon. We had Gener, Habagat (a low pressure are turned ..heavy rain), Helenand now, Igme. Especially Habagat. Habagat is comparable to Ondoy, but technically worse because Habagat is not a typhoon. (I’m not sure what the international names of the mentioned typhoons above are.)

From Ondoy, the water was knee high inside our house, but from the street it was around 165cm (will measure it later). Our office+factory was chest deep on the second floor. This year, it was half way up our garage, while knee high at the office+factory.

We had a client in the firm who almost bought the land in Binangonan which was flooded chest high. He was supposed to sign the contract last week. We were informed that the water would subside probably after a month. He is currently choosing between 2 other prospect lands.

As for the other parts of Metro Manila: Recto underpass; underpass in front of the Manila City Hall; University of Santo Tomas (no surprise there); Taft Avenue; parts of Malabon, Tondo, and Rizal; etc. were all submerged. =( Seriously, we should’ve learned from Ondoy.

I fancy these sketches by Arch. Paulo Alcazaren.

Senator Plagiarises
This is old news, but I want to share it anyway. Senator Tito Sotto plagiarized FIVE bloggers on national television with his speech/debate against the RH bill. As if one blogger is not enough. It’s bad enough to plagiarize five bloggers, but worse to not admit or be even apologetic about it.

Initially, I did feel bad about the border cyber-bullying. I mean, technically, he wasn’t the one who wrote the speech. It was/were his ghostwriter/s. Yes, he could’ve checked or read the speech first or whatever, but what do you expect from an actor turned politician? However, what ticked me off were his comments regarding the issue.

He didn’t feel even a teeny bit guilty. He even went on and said she’s just a blogger, so what? He even said that he didn’t quote from the blog, but actually said “quoted Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, MD.” Fine. But, how do you explain the other bloggers? He’s lucky that Miss Sarah Pope, from the HealthyHomeEconomist, doesn’t plan on suing him.

Oh, I had read somewhere in the net that the contraceptives he was referring to in his speech was not even in the market during that time. So… it’s either they were using another kind of contraceptive pill or he was quoting yet another blogger. LOL. jk.

Overall, he could’ve just apologized humbly, and went on to the next issue or something. Something similar to this had happened before. Manny Pangilinan had also committed plagiarism for his graduation speech to the graduates of ADMU batch 2012. Though, his speech was also written by his ghostwriter/s, MVP apologized and took responsibility over it. He even resigned from Ateneo.Now, nearly everyone
wants Sotto to resign. Curious if they, MVP and Sotto, both had the same ghostwriter/s.

On a not so lighter note:
The body of the well-loved DILG secretary Jesse Robredo has finally been found yesterday. Last Saturday, he and 3 others flew in a small plane from Cebu to Naga. Don Abrasado, his aide has survived the crash, with a fractured arm. On this morning’s radio on AM630, it was believe that the divers have found the bodies of the other 2 pilots. It’s sad that the 3 have died, but at least the bodies have all been found.

Now, who is Jesse Robredo exactly? During his terms as city mayor, he had lead Naga to become a ‘better and happier place.’ His office had closed down several nightclubs and seedy joints, purged illegal gamblings, increased the employment rate in Naga, and many more. Despite his busy schedule as a politician, he is actually family oriented.

I don’t know him personally, but, he seems like the best politician model. Unlike some others, he is humble and well-loved by the people of Naga, and his employees in DILG. I was too young to remember, but during our first time to Naga and the Fil-Chi cyclists, he was there to greet us. He was wearing regular shirt and shorts, without any entourage. Just by himself. My dad initially didn’t recognize him, until someone introduced them. This was in 1998 or something. I don’t remember. o_o;

I hope he would continue to inspire even in his passing, not only to the ‘regular’ citizens, but also to those ‘useless’ people running around or planning to run in politics. Jesse Robredo was an excellent example of a good politician.

Boards here we go!
I have officially started reviewing for the Architectural board last July 30. More like, some of my colleagues and I have enrolled in a review school. Classes are MWF, 6pm to 9pm. I still go to work from Mondays to Fridays Basically, I’m paying a review school to help me review. lol. Awesome logic. The pro is I’m studying and getting some tips from the professors. The con is I don’t get to review what I have studied that night. yeah….

To encourage me to study, I might just blog about what I have learned from the reviews. I got semi inspired by this dude reviewing for the NCARB. So NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards ) is in some ways similar from the local’s PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) policies. They have the IDP (Intern Development Program) where they have to ensure they have enough experience as an Intern for them to have independent practice of architecture. Locally, we have to complete 2 years of practice or an equivalent of several hours before taking the boards. 3820 hours or was it 3840 hours?

Yeh.. We have already tackled Building Laws and Professional Practice. Building Utilities later this evening.

A few things to lighten up
My family had booked a trip to Boracay last long weekend. We arrived there On Sunday mid morning, came back to Manila last night, both via Air Asia. Our flight to Kalibo was on time, touched down at Clark ahead of schedule. First two flights with Air Asia was great. Not to mention the cheerful crews. 😀 Expect some posts related to Boracay trip on Foodietraveler. I’m working on my backlogs, too.

Another great news:
ONE OK ROCK’s single The Beginning is released today! The video here was released last week.

I like the song… But, in all honesty, I don’t understand the video. o_o; That’s all.



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